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The Center for Economic Development Law is a private law firm that provides legal services for development and redevelopment activities that involve state and local governing bodies and related public entities. Established in 1979 by Dan Batchelor, the firm was reorganized in 2003 to offer more extensive legal services in the creation of legal and financial strategies for economic and community development projects, as well as business location and expansion projects. The firm primarily advises public entities on public-private development and business incentives available in particular localities. In towns and counties around the state, the firm's expertise assists city attorneys and local counsel on specialized economic development matters.

Much of the firm's recent work involves economic development projects that utilize tax increment financing (TIF) through the preparation of project plans, assistance with public hearings, and negotiation of development agreements. The firm also represents clients in public master planning activities, public contracting, real estate transactions, environmental issues, and a variety of related litigation matters. The attorneys at the Center for Economic Development Law have experience with public-sector legal issues and with projects requiring close coordination between the public and private sectors. Members of the firm value their relationships with clients and are committed to the highest ethical and professional standards. They particularly enjoy the opportunity to assist clients in beneficial projects for their communities.

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