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Yukon adopts SmartCode

After a 7-month process of public participation, official workshops, and development led by the Yukon Economic Development Authority, Butzer-Gardner Architects, and the Center for Economic Development Law, the City of Yukon adopted the Urban Gateway SmartCode floating zone and corresponding overlay district mandating its use in the City’s Frisco Road TIF district. The Urban Gateway SmartCode is a form-based zoning code calibrated from the national template SmartCode that will allow developers to create urban, mixed-use neighborhoods by regulating the relationship of buildings to each other and to the “public realm”—a popular term in city planning referencing areas open for public use and where the public congregates (such as streets, sidewalks, parks, and plazas)—rather than regulating specific land uses within each structure or on each parcel. The Center for Economic Development Law has recently begun expanding its land use practice to include offering assistance to public clients in developing more progressive zoning regulations to meet what many of those clients perceive as pent-up demand for more traditional neighborhood designs. The Yukon SmartCode is only the second adoption of form-based zoning in Oklahoma and is the first potential widespread use of such zoning. The first was for a small development area in the City of Tulsa. Yukon’s Urban Gateway zoning, as a floating zone, is potentially applicable City-wide.

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